Civil and commercial mediation

Studio Fontana & Fontana, through its team of experienced professionals, helps parties in the mediation procedure, disputes of economic nature, arising between private individuals and between companies. The introduction of mandatory mediation concerns the following matters:

  • Condominium
  • Rights in rem
  • Divisions
  • Inheritance successions
  • Family covenants
  • Leases
  • Commodatum
  • Business lease
  • Compensation for damage resulting from the use of vehicles and watercrafts
  • Compensation for damages from medical liability
  • Damages for defamation by the press or other means of advertising
  • Insurance contracts
  • Banking
  • Financial

The firm Fontana & Fontana is fully available for any clarification on this instrument made available to private individuals and companies in the search for the best solution to the dispute. The procedure is based on the principles of informality, speed and confidentiality and complete impartiality in the conduct by the appointed mediator.
Our experience allows us to give clients a concrete answer even in the event that the mediation procedure is optional in order to evaluate together, according to their expectations and concerns, the most convenient choice and the correct path to follow.